Who is visiting my website?

Do you know who visits your website and how they interact with it? LeadRebel® helps you identify the companies visiting your website and provides you with their company information, contact persons, and contact details. With our website visitor recognition software, you can get valuable insights into your website traffic and tailor your marketing efforts to drive more sales.

How does website visitor identification work?

Integrating LeadRebel®-tracker into your website is simple and easy. You just need to add a small script to your website, and our software will start analyzing your visitor IPs. Based on this information, we identify the companies visiting your website, providing you with the data you need to convert website visitors into paying customers.

Is website visitor identification GDPR compliant?

I would like to see, who is visiting my website, but is it GDPR compliant? Yes, it is! LeadRebel® only identifies commercial (company) visitors, and we don't collect personal information. Our visitor recognition takes place at the organizational level, making it fully GDPR compliant. All company data is collected from open sources, and we have undergone a legal audit to ensure we meet modern standards for data privacy and security.

How can identifying website visitors benefit my business?

By identifying website visitors, you can increase your conversion rates and ad campaigns. LeadRebel® provides you with valuable insights into your website traffic, allowing you to tailor your marketing efforts to drive more sales. Our website visitor identification software is user-friendly and cost-effective, making it the perfect tool for any business looking to boost their B2B leads and drive their sales.

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So, are you ready to know, who is visiting your website? Sign up for our 14-day free trial and start identifying website visitors for free! With our user-friendly interface, multi-user account, CRM integrations, and in-depth analytics, you'll have everything you need to convert website visitors into paying customers. Start your free trial today and take your business to the next level with LeadRebel® website visitor recognition software.

Benefits of Knowing, Who is Visiting Your Website

Website visitor recognition is the process of identifying the individuals or companies who visit your website. Knowing, who is visiting your website provide valuable insights into your website traffic, allowing you to tailor your marketing efforts to convert more visitors into paying customers.

One of the main benefits of knowing, who is visiting your website, is that it can help you increase your conversion rates. By identifying who is visiting your website, you can target your marketing efforts more effectively, ensuring that your message reaches the right people at the right time. This can result in more qualified leads and increased sales.

Another benefit of knowing who is visiting your website is that it can help you improve your website's user experience. By analyzing how visitors interact with your site, you can identify areas where they might be getting stuck or frustrated and make changes to improve their experience. This can lead to increased engagement, higher satisfaction levels, and more repeat business.

If you are asking yourself, who is visiting my website, you can use LeadRebel. It can also help you identify which marketing channels are driving the most traffic to your site. By tracking visitor sources, you can determine which campaigns are working and which are not and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. This can save you time and money, as you can focus your efforts on the channels that are most effective.

Overall, knowing, who is visiting your website, is essential for any B2B business looking to optimize their online presence and drive more sales. With the right software and analytics in place, you can gain valuable insights into your website traffic and make data-driven decisions that will help you achieve your business goals.

Website visitor identification software available features

Website visitor recognition

See which companies have visited your website. Deanonymize your web-traffic.

Tracking of activities on the website

Website visitor tracking enables you to better understand intentions of your visitors.

Videorecording of website visit

See how exactly your visitors interacted with your website by watching videorecording.

Detailed company information about every visitor-company

Company name, industry, geography, size, description and of course contact data!

List of company employees

Find out who is your ideal contact person in each company and identify their contact data.

Lead export as excel, PDF, ZIP file

Do you want to share your leads? Send them to your sales reps? No problem, there are various ways for that.

CRM and email campaign software integration

Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, ActiveCampaigns and many more APIs are integrated with LeadRebel®.

Flexible API, Zapier integration

Do you need any customer integration? No problem, use our API or Zapier to integrate with any third-party software.

up to 25% of your website traffic

your traffic conversion rates

Find out persons of interests within any company and their contact data

Track and analyze visitor behavior on your website, reduce bounce rate

Generate leads real time!

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