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LeadRebel helps you to identify company-visitors to your website. Your dashboard shows you which companies have visited your website. LeadRebel provides you with company information, contact persons and company contact details. By visitor recognition you can significantly increase your conversion rates.
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Visitor recognition - how does it work?

By integrating LeadRebel-Tracker you can deanonymize your web traffic. The integration of code is very simple: You can integrate the small script into your website and the tracking will start immediately. Now you can see which companies have visited your website.

I want to recognize my website’s visitors - how do I start?

Sign up for a free trial version. You just have to integrate the LeadRebel Tracker on your website, and you're done! You can identify visitors of your website for free for two weeks and analyze their behavior. By identifying website visitors, you can increase the conversion rates of your web traffic and ad campaigns.

What our customers say about LeadRebel:

Daniel Charles, Bossenz
Investment and tax advisor

“LeadRebel keeps its promise: The software provides me with valuable information about who my website visitors are. So that, I can use more targeted marketing measures. The integration of the tracker is easy, and the dashboard can be operated intuitively.”

Arno Bauer
Sales Manager WebIntelligence GmbH
Annett Lahm
Senior Marketing Manager Trinity Investments AG
Martin Schnatzer
Sales Manager Foxmedia AG


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