Let’s Partner Up

Let’s Partner Up

We offer various partnership models. You can select the one, which optimally fits to your company and customers. You can choose between multiuser account, agency partnership or white label. We are more than happy to grow our partner network!


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What are your benefits?

Monetary incentives

We offer generous “lifetime” commissions. You receive 30% (and more) of the monthly subscription payments from the customers you generate for LeadRebel®. Also, with the multi-user account and white label you can expand your business and generate reliable monthly sales.

Provide more value to your customers

LeadRebel® offers a variety of functions that may be of interest to your customers. Whether sales digitization, conversion optimization, data harvesting and other areas of online marketing, our software can be flexibly integrated into your customers' marketing and sales processes. Both you as an agency and your customer base can benefit from LeadRebel®.

Partnership offers

Agency partner

Multiuser Account

Agencies can purchase standard or premium account and add own customers as users, without paying extra costs. Your benefits: fixed monthly expenses for single LeadRebel®-Account; Arrange own deals with your customers and charge them directly; Give customers access to your dashboard with read-only rights and limited visibility (each customer only can see his/her respective traffic).


For each registered and paying customer we are offering one-time payment as well as 30% and more of lifetime revenue share. All you have to do, is to register on LeadRebel®, ask us to mark your account as partner-account, you’ll get an affiliate link, which you can share with your customers.

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Affiliate Program of LeadRebel®

If you have registered on LeadRebel® as a customer, you can invite other customers from your account. Invite other companies to LeadRebel® and receive 50 euros credit for every new registered customer. The credit will be offset against your next payment.

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Register on TradeTracker and take part in our affiliate program. You will receive a commission from 18 euros per customer-registration. Click here for the partner program.

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White label

You can offer our software to your customers as white label solution. We customize corporate identity, URL and other options for you.


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